PaneraTech develops visionary, innovative solutions to solve the most challenging problems. Our solutions assist multiple industries, such as manufacturing, R&D, and wireless consumer devices.

SmartMelter Solution: Furnace Life Optimization Solution

Furnace leaks can lead to millions of dollars in lost product. We have developed dependable products that provide real-time, deterministic data about furnace health, identifying problems at an early stage to prevent financial loss. The only solution of its kind, our SmartMelter Solution eliminates speculative data, increases safety, and improves risk management.

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Advanced Material Characterization: On the Bench and Inline

We have developed accurate and easy-to-use solutions for material characterization in the lab and on the production line. Our non-contact sensors measure electrical properties of materials with multiple-layers, giving you more capabilities for research or quality control. No microwave expertise is required to operate our products, and our manufacturing option integrates seamlessly without modification or interruption to your production line.

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Antenna on Touch (AoT) Solution

We are turning touch sensors into multi-functional sensors that enable improved wireless capability to wireless consumer devices. This cutting edge technology is currently in development with leading industry members.

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