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PaneraTech, Inc., was selected for a SBIR Phase II award by the U.S. Air Force to Develop Lightweight and Foldable Parabolic Antenna (“FLPA”) for Navigation and Communication Applications

January 23rd, 2012

Falls Church, VA – PaneraTech, Inc., has been selected for an SBIR Phase II award by the U.S. Air Force to build and deliver a battlefield-ready Foldable, Lightweight Parabolic Antenna (FLPA) for navigation and communication applications. During its highly successful execution of the Phase I program, PaneraTech, in partnership with its team member Ohio State University, demonstrated feasibility of the FLPA to improve Time to First Fix (TTFF) of GPS receivers under heavy interference and at low signal strength situations. PaneraTech’s unique FLPA technology is based on extremely light and flexible conductive materials for the reflector surface, and light-weight high-strength carbon fiber/polymer-based structural support components. The FLPA technology employs a modular/swappable and retractable feed that enables many other communication applications in the field for high gain performance thus, substantially improving the performance of the communication links under low signal strength and high interference situations.

“In other words, FLPA technology enables war fighter carry a large size antenna aperture (thus high gain) in his thigh holster with less than overall weight of 6 oz or less,” said Dr. Yakup Bayram, CEO & CTO of PaneraTech, Inc. Dr. Bayram continued, “this technology also offers tremendous benefits to the DoD beyond this topic. FLPA is an excellent choice of technology for deployable high data/rate lightweight communication antennas for Cubesat and other satellite applications, which we will explore as we further mature our technology.”

Foldable Light-Weight Parabolic Antenna (FLPA) Technology

We are introducing a unique approach to portable parabolic antennas. Our unique design incorporates new conductive materials coupled with a light-weight and ergonomic structural design to offer a plethora of desirable features, including:

    Light-weight Design: 10dBic gain is achieved within the L-Band with 6oz or less weight.

    Portable and Foldable Design: The antenna is carried in a thigh holster and has only 1.5 inches diameter when folded.

    Smooth Operation: The antenna is designed to resist strong wind and rain with high strength structural support members and operate with silent deploy, and packing.

    Multi-functional use: FLPA is equipped with a retractable modular feed that allows for high gain communication for several different bands.

    Applications: navigation, satellite communication, cubesat and deployable antennas.
    Some applications of this technology are ITAR restricted.

    For more information about FLPA, please contact us at InnovativeTechnologies@paneratech.com


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