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PaneraTech, Inc. Launches a New Website to Highlight New Solutions

November 1st, 2014

PaneraTech, Inc., a leading Radio Frequency (RF) technology company, has launched a new website, www.paneratech.com/homepage, to introduce its solutions. The company has spent years working with leading companies to solve difficult and costly challenges with cutting edge research and technology. This research has resulted in the development of several innovative, industry-tested solutions.

“Our partnerships within specific industries have allowed us to understand the core problems that each industry faces. We have significantly reduced costs and increased efficiency of operations with these visionary solutions,” said Dr. Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech, Inc. He continues, “After years of research and testing, these solutions are ready to be offered to other companies.”

PaneraTech’s solutions include Smart Furnace Technology for automated furnace life optimization and inspection and advanced material characterization products for research and quality control. The Smart Furnace technology introduces the industry’s first Refractory Thickness Sensor (RTS) that measures residual AZS thickness and a Furnace Tomography Sensor (FTS) that identifies glass penetration into insulation at very early stages.

PaneraTech provides customers with unparalleled access to state of the art research, access to world-class researchers, and key technical hardware and software expertise in the RF community.

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