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PaneraTech , Inc., was awarded a SBIR Phase I by the U.S. Air Force for Lightweight, Foldable Reflector Antennas for Navigation and GPS Applications

December 10th, 2010

Falls Church, VA – PaneraTech, Inc. has been awarded a SBIR Phase I by the U.S. Air Force to design lightweight, foldable reflector antennas for navigation and GPS applications. CEO & Chief Technology Officer Dr. Yakup Bayram stated that PaneraTech, Inc., proposed a unique ultra-light high gain antenna design based upon a foldable parabolic reflector to meet the Air Force’s need for a light-weight, foldable and high gain transmit/receive antenna. This technology is based upon a patent pending technology for an extremely light and flexible conductive materials for the reflector surface, and light-weight high-strength carbon fiber/polymer-based structural support components. PaneraTech, Inc.,’s proposed technology contains a modular feed that enables several other communication applications using the same foldable reflector surface for high gain applications thus, creating a multitude of commercial opportunities in the civilian market.

PaneraTech, Inc. partnered with The Ohio State University – ElectroScience Laboratory, the nation’s largest university-based RF research facility, to jointly develop this technology. The OSU-ESL is a developer of major reflector analysis software in the world. Dr. Bayram also noted that PaneraTech’s expertise in conformal and flexible antennas based on conductive fibers is complemented by OSU-ESL’s expertise in GPS systems and simulation and measurement capabilities for reflector antennas complements.

For further questions regarding this technology, please email InnovativeTechnologies@paneratech.com.

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