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PaneraTech exhibited at the 75th Glass Problems Conference in Columbus, OH

November 6th, 2014

PaneraTech, Inc. demonstrated its upcoming smart furnace solution to the industry for the first time at the 75th Glass Problems Conference in Columbus OH. The exhibit was met by overwhelming interest from the glass manufacturing industry.

“It is clear that 2015 will be an extremely busy and very exciting year for PaneraTech,” said Dr. Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech, Inc. Dr. Bayram also presented a paper on Refractory Thickness Measurement and Detection of Early Stage Glass Penetration into Furnace Walls. The presentation received outstanding attendance from the industry.

PaneraTech’s Smart Furnace Technology includes the industry’s first Refractory Thickness Sensor (RTS) and a Furnace Tomography Sensor (FTS). The Refractory Thickness Sensor measures residual AZS thickness in real-time. This eliminates any speculation and provides real physical thickness so that glass manufacturers can take more informative and accurate action to maintain furnace life. The Furnace Tomography Sensor identifies glass penetration into insulation at very early stages to reduce the risk of costly leaks.

PaneraTech is dedicated to solving the most challenging problems with cutting edge technologies. By collaborating with industry leaders, we identify and eliminate issues that hinder productivity, efficiency, and cost-control. PaneraTech provides customers with unparalleled access to state of the art research, access to world-class researchers, and key technical hardware and software expertise in the RF community.

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