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Nanotech 2015 Invites PaneraTech CEO to Speak on Sustainable Manufacturing

November 12th, 2014

Dr. Yakup Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech, Inc., has been invited to speak on Sustainable Manufacturing at the world’s largest nanotechnology event. The 18th Annual Nanotech conference, NanoTech 2015, will be held June 14-17 in Washington, D.C. The conference delivers application-focused research from the top international academic, government, and private industry trends. This event is attended by thousands of leading researchers, scientists, engineers and technology developers. Speakers who have been invited to past conferences include executives from Dupont, GE, and Ingersoll Rand.

Dr. Bayram’s presentation, Inline and On-the-Bench Characterization and Inspection of Nanofiber Composites and Films, will address a major technology gap in the nanofiber industry. PaneraTech’s NIST-funded technology is designed to eliminate this gap with advanced material characterization solutions for new novel films and composites.

“After years of research and development, I am excited to introduce this visionary technology,” said Dr. Bayram. He continued, “Our solutions are non-contact, provide valuable real-time feedback, and can be used to measure multiple layers of material.”

PaneraTech’s Material Characterization solutions include the industry’s first pre-calibrated, all-in-one multi-layer material characterization system. IMECSLab is built on PaneraTech’s patent-pending edge treatment and E-cal tray and revolutionary high focused probe concepts. This bench-top solution is pre-calibrated and easy to use without expertise knowledge in microwave measurement.

IMECSFab is PaneraTech’s inline material characterization solution. This cutting edge technology is non-contact and measures scattering parameters. It can be used to measure electrical properties of multi-layer film by measuring the thickness of each layer and identifying the complex dielectric properties of each layer. Designed to significantly improve quality control without interrupting production, IMECSFab measures the entire width of film without contact and identifies electrical and physical defects in real-time.

PaneraTech is dedicated to solving the most challenging problems with cutting edge technologies. By collaborating with industry leaders, they identify and eliminate issues that hinder productivity, efficiency, and cost-control. PaneraTech provides customers with unparalleled access to state of the art research, access to world-class researchers, and key technical hardware and software expertise in the RF community.

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