Our team is focused on finding new and innovative solutions to challenging problems using cutting edge technology. Our specific core solutions include:

  • Portable and integrated sensors for industrial asset life optimization
  • Sensors for industrial process monitoring and quality inspection
  • Material characterization systems
  • Antenna on Touch sensor for consumer wireless devices
  • Innovative, out-of-the box wearable and miniature antenna solutions

We Are Industry Pioneers

PaneraTech strives to be one of the most innovative Radio Frequency (RF) technology companies in the world, developing unique solutions that far surpass expectations. Our Smart Furnace Technology is the first of its kind. Our material characterization solutions expand the capabilities of specialty material research and manufacturing industries. Our out of the box antenna solutions reshape the wireless devices industry.

We Solve the Most Challenging Problems

We always take on the most challenging problems. Our product development always begins with industry and customer engagement. We take time to learn about and understand the challenges our customers face so that we can create useful and relevant solutions.

We Work with Leaders

Our success depends on yours, so we only use the best resources. We develop our products and solutions in partnership with industry leaders.